Sunday, January 20, 2008

Web 2.0

I have a presentation on Web 2.0 in the Refresher Programme in Distance Education, 7-28 January 2008 organized by Staff Training and Research Institute of Distance Education. This programme is the first refresher programme in distance education in the discipline of distance education organized by IGNOU-STRIDE. More than 10 years back the CIEFL, Hyderabad organized a refresher programme in distance education. I am one of the Programme Coordinators of the 21 days long programme. The programme has 3 components: advanced distance education theoretical knowledge, Audio and video production, and e-technologies. As part of the third component we have planned to develop a lab in the IGNOU Convention Centre, and provide pactical hands on experiences. During the planning process of this programme my office computer and personal laptop both went out of order, and I have virtually no access to computer, and presentation software. Then I came accross ZOHO.COM and I created my presentation online. Great experience -- to prepare for Web 2.0 presentation using web 2.0 technology.

In the session, I intend to ask the participants to view some of the online videos individually, and then discuss the concept in pair, and join the google egroup of the Refresher programme to highlight their learning points and seek clarification. As a facilitator, I will use the egroup to provide support and clarify doubts. This will be a process of constructivist approach to learning a new concept, and also a process of co-creation of knowledge on how web 2.0 can be used in distance education.

The presentation will be shown at the end to the participants online. It is available at: Link . See the presentation here, below: