Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Interview with Dr. Pankaj Khare

The Indira Gandhi National Open University is offering its programmes outside India through its International Division. I came across the YouTube and TeacherTube recently, and thought to use it in my blog. I requested Dr. Pankaj Khare, Director of IGNOU’s International Division to give me an Interview for my Blog. He very kindly agreed to my request, and I even used his digital camera to record the video in his office after the office hour. We switched off the Aircon, and also put the fans to low speed to reduce noise. Here goes the question in text, and the responses in video…

Interview with Pankaj Khare Part-1
Q.1 Introduce yourself, and tell us about your work.

Interview with Pankaj Khare Part-2
Q.2 What’s the international reach of IGNOU in terms of student enrollment and number of countries covered?

Interview with Pankaj Khare Part-3
Q.3 What is the objective of IGNOU going international?

Interview with Pankaj Khare Part-4
Q.4 What are the most popular programmes and from where you get the most number of students?

Interview with Pankaj Khare Part-5
Q.5 How does the International Division operates?

Interview with Pankaj Khare Part-6
Q.6 How one can start an IGNOU centre outside India?

Interview with Pankaj Khare Part-7
Q.7 What are the achievements of International Division?

Interview with Pankaj Khare Part-8
Q.8 What is your vision for the International Division?

Thanks Dr. Khare for sharing your views with readers of TeachKnowLogist. I hope readers will like this. More interviews in future to come...Bye...

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