Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Social Bookmarking

If you do a lot of search on the Internet, you know the problem of keeping track of what you visited last. Finding information on the net and saving the sites for future use is very important to save time and efforts. We use the web browser’s favourite function to save such sites that we intend to visit later. But, when we use another computer we do not get access to the favourite sites listed by us, and again we have to do the search.

Now, web applications like ‘social bookmarking’ allow us to have our lists created on the web and share it with others. There are many social bookmarking options. One with a simple interface is Register for free and see the advantages for yourself. Those of you who are interested more on the topic may like to see the MasterNewMedia page on “Social Bookmarking Services And Tools: The Wisdom Of Crowds That Organizes The Web”.

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