Friday, September 26, 2008

Online Training on Wiki Skills and SLM Development

I served as the facilitator for an eight weeks online training on development of self-learning materials from 4th August to 26th September 2008. On completion of the training, I am a relaxed person. It used to be almost 6 hours work every day for the training at different time of the day -- even at mid night to support trainees. I enjoyed the online training, learned a lot as a facilitator, and I am happy that 20 out of the 35 registered participants completed the training successfully. See my reflective report on the training, and browse the workshop site to see evaluation report, workshop strategies, the interactions in the Google Group and the actual development of self-learning materials. This was probably the first ever online training in any Indian University. I intend to do more of this type of training and also take up other areas in future. I almost stopped blogging in the last 2-3 months due to my continuous involvement in this training... and now hope to continue blogging regularly...


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